Monday, 22 June 2009

Im not a man, NOT yet a woman....

A 30-year-old woman who suspected her businessman husband of having an affair was shocked to discover that her rival was actually a man.

Sin Chew Daily reported yesterday that the woman had hired a private investigator to tail her husband after noticing a change in his attitude towards her.
According to the daily, the husband and his lover who has long flowing hair had gone to a secluded spot by the dockyard in Singapore to make out.

Upon being notified by the investigator, identified as Leong, the wife rushed to the scene hoping to catch the two of them in the act.
At the dockyard, Leong said he and the wife saw the car seat being lowered and the couple started to hug and kiss each other.

The wife ran to the car searching for the woman but could not find her.
She then asked Leong about the “woman” he saw in her husband’s car.

Puzzled, the investigator went over to check and was shocked to discover that the only two persons in the vehicle were men.

It turned out that the man’s lover was actually a cross-dresser, who was wearing a wig.
According to Leong, the husband would pick up a woman with long hair after work every day.


Hahahahahahaha........honestly, this story managed to make me laughed after few days of mourning reading 'typical' stories in the media.

Good God.
What more can i say to this.
I have had friends of all types of people.
From man wanting to be woman, woman wanting to be man and those who does not know what they really want.
Fortunately i had never known any 'multi plug'.....hahahahaha.

I have friends who had friends or they themselves getting involved with all these 'special' sexual preferences. I respects their needs and wants in life. Perhaps the typical relationships bores them.
Nevertheless, i understand some of the reasons behind these needs....(wink...wink..).
Who are we to deny sexual preferences that already in existence even before the Prophets Mohammad s.a.w.
It is written in the Book.

The only thing that disgust me is, some of this people, especially the MAN, they do not want to come out of their closet, but maintain that they are TRUE man and live a life as a perfect man with wife and kids because they are afraid of being scrutinised and ridiculed.
They don't just cheat their partners (both the wife & lover boy) but also themselves!

How on earth you, MAN, can sleep and produce kids, and in the same time humping another man or being humped by your lover boy?....GOD.

Unlike woman who behaves like man (we have special terms for them; Penkid/tomboy), they don't go around doing it with another man to hide their true self. They are more daring. More bolder than man. They are not afraid to be themselves. They don't go around marrying a man, and humping woman in the same time.

It would be better to catch your husband with another woman than a man.
Its unforgivable, and these sexual preferences.....IT'S DIE-HARD !

Hahahahahahahaha.......people do make me laugh.

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