Tuesday, 9 June 2009


Hhmmmm......there goes my chance to buck-up on my second foreign language.
There goes my chance to achieve another 'wants' in my life.
Disappointing in fact....

I went for my weekly French class and this time i took the opportunity to ask the tutor whether would it be possible for him to coach me personally; like coming to my place or me going to his place for an hour twice a week -- he said no, it is not possible for him to do so .....duhhh.

I have been going the part time class organised by the school for beginners here. And because that is the only darn class available for interested people (not many though - me, a Venezuelan, one Scottish, and an Egyptian) i took this as a stepping stone to get in touch with the tutor.

And since the class will be coming to an end in two more lessons, that is why i took the advantage to ask him recently.
According to him, he is unable to do so because the teachers here (at the school) are not allowed to teach out of the school hours unless it is organized by the school.
Too bad for me!

French has been my next favourite language after English, of course, and i had attended a course at Alliance Française Kuala Lumpur in 2004. Although the course stretch up to 4 years, and the students will be given a certificate from the France Educational Board, i did not complete my course after two years because of works commitments and travelling and it disrupt my class and concentration.

Thinking that since i am having my time here as a full-time housewife (the word that i dread to even mention ) i want to continue learning French. And because i am situated some where like 80 kilometres drive to Doha, i am left with no option at all.
They do have French course organised in Doha but not by an Alliance Française. They don't have one here. Although i have all my learning kits and books from my previous course, learning alone won't do good. I need to converse in order for me to practice the language.

Even though one of the local radio station here, QBS (Qatar Broadcasting Services) do air French hours from 2pm right up to 4pm daily, which will do good for people like me, it is still not enough.
I know there is an online course too, but it is hopeless.

The advantages of learning French in this country although French is not widely spoken, they do have cable tv that air French language news, and movies and French tv channel. Unlike back in Malaysia, the only time you want to hear French speaking people is only at the France Embassy, Alliance Française, or buy French movies. Besides that you won't be able to even hear a single word of it anywhere at all.

Language is something beneficial for all and it need passion and interest to learn.
My course mate in Alliance Française last time who can speak and write English, Japanese fluently, told me that French is rather difficult compare to Japanese, and even the Japanese writing character is easier to understand than the masculinity and femininity of French objects and subjects.

According to my father (to whom i must say influenced me in language and arts since i was 6 or 7 yrs old) learning another language will be done easier if one lived in that country itself. According to him, who speaks fluent German, and understand Tamil, he was forced to learn the language because the locals in that particular country and other German-speaking countries do not entertain any other language except German.

So, what more can i say?
There goes my chance to converse and learn my longtemps favourite language.....duhhh.

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