Monday, 15 June 2009

The Wisdom of Disturbance

Natural disturbances like fire, wind, insects and disease occur in forests.
And they happen for a powerful reason: by showing up, these disruptions create
areas of dead trees - making room for a new forest to grow. Business and life
follows similar natural processes.

In business, disruption - and sometimes outright chaos - shows up.

We call it bad but actually it's good. Old ways of doing and being need to die before new and better ways can be installed. The very nature of innovation and advancement calls for this kind of a clearing out process. Yes, it's confusing and often painful. But progress can't happen without it. It just can't. We're seeing this phenomenon happening right now as outdated/sedated institutions crumble. Space is being made for better ones to grow.

And within our personal life, from time to time, various disturbances (sometimes small - once in a while really big) appear. Again, we fight them. We label them as bad. But may I suggest that they are ultimately good. Very good. Because they cause our evolution. They make us bigger. Stronger.

And they introduce us to dormant powers we didn't know we had. Like
the forest, the curveballs of life clear out the old to make way for the new.
And better.

Nature's a great teacher. And just as it runs under a series
of immutable laws, so does business. Along with life.


I received this via email, sent by my SO who received it from a friend.

Of course, i would not agree more to the statement that various disturbances in our lives will eventually make us a better grown-ups. Although almost all of disturbances and problems created or initiated by us, ourselves, or by another party or just become the victims of circumstances, we have to admit that it will take a lot of energy and wisdom to brave the oceans.

Cannot be denied, during swimming thru the rough sea, we as human will feel so exasperated, exhausted, hatred, and resentment towards anything that causes the disruption of our normal happy lives. And, this is the moment when the practice of having time alone to ourselves an hour or two will benefit us in a longer period.

Undoubtedly, these disturbances will be the great 'teacher' for every one of us in paving thru the better or worst in our lives......

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