Tuesday, 2 June 2009

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While i am very impressed with the visits to my modest blog, i can't help but find it very amusing that my blog 'je ne balance' had found itself a follower and 'ardent' readers; especially in the this country that i resides now.

Just as a note, late last month was je ne balance first anniversary.
Like i mentioned in my first log in this weblog, my earlier blog was in 2006, with a different tittle, and which wasn't visited much by me because of work commitments and too much concentration on other things. Furthermore i was then at a new phase in life and is expecting.

To my reader who enjoy my writings, all i can say is thank you for visiting and hopefully you'll enjoy reading my 'whatnots'. Why i call it 'whatnots'?
Hmmm...i guess it is because i simply write what came across my interest and what i feel like commenting...but of course it would be in the arena that i know bits and pieces.
Not forgetting to those people especially my comrade, whom had just learnt about the existence of a platform named 'Blog' and is currently enjoying reading my je suis balance, i guess this newly acquired 'hobby' would do you all good. Seriously.
At least it will help you people to broaden up your perspective in life, know one or two 'bombastic words' (to you perhaps it is bombastic, but not to the intelligent lots), learnt few vocabs which will do you good when you speak to another nationals here, so you won't be blabbering hoos-and haas.
Hahahahahahaha.......very funny indeed.
People are very funny and never failed to make me laugh.

As an ex-journalist and later a businesswoman, i met loads of character.
As i was trained and thought to make sure i get facts and figures right, besides getting the gist of the story, i must also avoid superfluous and repetition mistakes. So does life in general.

As someone who don't really talk much, although i seriously keep my eyes open and ears listen; unlike as  majority knows, women blabs a lot, i somehow find writing releases and bring down my BP.
I would consider myself an observer, someone who can sit alone in a cafe for hours having a fag or two, evaluating personalities and watching people and their character.
And i do have a rather excellent memory and remember what came out from what and who say what...and of course my forever 'whatnots'.

Life is indeed funny.
Women make it even funnier.

Perhaps, may i suggest that you people start to have your own blog too.?
Oh, well.....

Nevertheless, to those minuscule subjects who thought the colossal me of being absurdly pompous -- think again.

At least i did something right here.
At least i 'encouraged' and 'instill' a reading habits among you people. And i might inspire you in certain ways. No?
Perhaps what you shall be needing now is just a good dictionary to accompany you read.

Life is very funny indeed.

And please.
Please also be my guest, and have my pleasure to read more of my coming log as you minuscule just wouldn't know when will i pull the strings again.
Indeed very funny bunch of peeps.

I mean life without some bunch of closed-minded, kataks (frogs in English; why frogs -- please open up Bahasa Malaysia idioms : Katak Bawah Tempurung) -- I mean ; God!.... life would be so mundane and monotonous aint't it?
That is why God created women.
Besides becoming labour machine and besides becoming the men's tooott....toooott, they'll shower this short worldly life with colours. Good and bad.
Life and women are very funny indeed.

Just so people need to know, when a person created a blog, it is for the public to read and judge. The blogger (as in ME) can chose to make it a close weblog and if anyone want to read, then they will have to log in via email and i will moderate it accordingly.
And how the reader want to interpret the writer per se, or the contents, again, it is all up to the individuals.
Some smart people will read between the lines, some rather very low in (i don't want to say) will just take it at the surface without getting right to the message which i tried to relay in my writings.

Just like facebook.
Blog is free.
Free to create.
Free to write how and what the writer wants.
It is a freedom of writing.
Of course i will not do what some of the idiots in Malaysia did, condemning the royal family and so on. But besides that, it is all up to you readers to take my writings to whatever levels you want.
Those who posses high degree of intelligence, perhaps they would mark down my writing as mediocre, to those who love life as i do, will enjoy reading another person's outlook and perceptions on all sort of things from light politics, to humour, to personal experiences and human interaction.

It is a free world isn't it?
But again, life without women in it would undoubtedly be very BORING.

Below is an excerpt from a folk song which i sang during choir in school when i was eight or nine years old in Petaling Jaya.

Katak oh Katak
Kenapa panggil hujan
Macam mana aku tak panggil
Perut aku lapar

Perut oh perut
Kenapa engkau lapar
Macama mana aku tak lapar
Katak asyik duduk bawah tempurung.....

Hahahahaha...it brings the fondess memories, schooltime,..... is it not?
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