Thursday, 4 June 2009

Watch-out for your life while in Malaysia!


Be reminded all the time while you're in Malaysia.
While walking nearby crossing underneath monorail track.
While walking alongside or nearby constructions site because you just wouldn't know what will 'say hello' to your head.

Another building collapsed few days back.
It is a the roof of a stadium located in Terengganu, Malaysia.

But the lucky thing about this collapse was, if it were to happen a day later, then thousands of souls will be leaving their bodies because the Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin Stadium was scheduled to host the Public Institutions of Higher Learning games which would have seated thousands of competitors and spectators packed in the year-old sports arena.

Well the juicy part of this story was it seems that they (must be the authorities concerned i guess) had been notified about 'something wrong' but nothing was done to rectify the matter.

According to a local newspaper reports, the State Public Works Department was told about the defects and the state Menteri Besar had called a meeting with the PWD three weeks ago and reminded them to look into the problem.
Somehow, it is typical.
The 'tidak apa' attitude rules better than anything else.

It seems that they are now blaming the design of that stadium.
They must blame it on something isn't it?
Why don't they blame it on the Baboons instead?(....hahahahahaha ...ooppsie!)
Or the rain? (like Milli Vanilli did)

Although no lives were lost, the collapsed roof will undoubtedly cook some quarters in a hot boiling pan right now (serves them right!).
While the Works Minister called it; 'an embarrassment that had tarnished the country's image' he also blame it at the contractors for not building a proper structure.

Well, let me get it straight here.
First of all, is it proper for him to blame it on the contractors for not building a proper structure? Yes in a way. But not really in a lot of other way in my own opinion.
With a budget as big as RM292 million (USD84 mil), i am sure there would be cuts here and there. The Korean construction company which was accorded the project must have lot of mouth to feed besides their own.

There will be mouths namely; the 'approver', the 'lobbyist', the 'ali babas', the 'monkey' and not forgotten all the 'baboons'.
Perhaps when it comes to the end-receiver, the budget had been too small, and of course with this kind of economic situations, anybody will squeeze hard to earn more.
At the end of the whole monkey business, the result is substandard materials, workmanship, and etc added with 'tidak apa' (lackadaisical) attitude.

According to the Works in Minister again, "People will say that in Malaysia, not only newly constructed buildings collapse, but even ones earmarked for demolition," he said, referring to the collapse of the Jaya Shopping Centre in Petaling Jaya, Selangor on Thursday, which killed seven Indonesian workers and injured two others.(Yup Mr! you're absolutely doubt about it at all)

Nevertheless, on any such 'occasion' that calls for political 'hit- me ,hit- you' avenue, one opposition politician issued a statement that they would lodge a report with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (ACA) on the matter and hoping something were to be dug out of the collapsed roof. (you can hope so.....)

But what the heck ain't it?

It is not their money anyway.
It is all the taxpayers money, right?
They will say "Apa susah" (what's the trouble?).
Surely the government will approve the budget to re-construct the whole place.
Surely they won't let it just crumbled like that.

f/note: Since we're concentrating to collapsing buildings recently, i wonder what happen to Samy Vellu's 'project' -- the 'jalan retak' and going to 'runtuh' after less than five years 'in service' and after many years of heartache and exasperation and curses from the road users (that includes me) along Kepong stretch....
With additional of lots of millions for repair works (remembered he asked for an absolutely ridiculous figure earlier), he is lucky to get away with it.
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