Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Choose your life.

If there is one thing that I believe with all my heart it is that you can have any life you choose. You can live the life you have always dreamed of. We live in a period of unparalleled opportunity in human history. Think about it: Just one hundred years ago, most people really only had five or six options when it came to deciding what they would do with their lives. For most, they didn't even have the knowledge that they could do anything other than take over their father's farm when they turned eighteen!

But today a person living in the western world (and many other areas of the world as well) can choose to do virtually anything they want to! The key is the word "choose."

You see, the world is within your reach. Any job you want can be yours if you decide. All of the opportunities are there for the taking. The question is whether or not you will take.

You say, "But Chris, you just don't understand. I'm 38 years old with two kids and I have bills to pay. I make $28,000 a year. I can't just go become a doctor and make big money!"

And I say, "Yes you can! If you decide to. If you will take action, you can become a doctor or anything else you want to. We live in a day and age when virtually anything is possible."

For the sake of highlighting this principle, let's look at the above example. How would this person change careers? Simple. Here is the process in specific action steps:

1. Find out from a medical school what classes you would need to take to get in. Chances are your college major would need some rounding out or if you didn't go to college, you would need to do so. Maximum time to do this: 3 days.

2. Now, go to school. Maximum time to do this: 4 years.

3. Now, medical school and residency. Maximum time to do this: 6 years.

4. Begin practicing medicine.

At this point you would be 48 years old. That leaves you 17 years to practice. Now, let's see the impact it has on your life:

1. You get to pursue your dream, making you and your family MUCH happier.

2. You will make, on average, $100,000 more per year. The difference here is manifold! If you stayed where you were, you would have earned $28,000 a year for 27 years and would earn $756,000. If you left and pursued your dream, you would earn $128,000 for 17 years (that's if you took 10 years to make the transition; most would be less.) and your earnings would be $2,176,000! This is a difference of $1,420,000! And this doesn't even take into consideration the amounts you would earn on investments with the difference in incomes.

So is it possible? Yes. Does it take time? Yes. Is it hard? Yes. Is it scary? Yes, and that is why most people won't do it.

It isn't for lack of opportunity. It is usually because of one of the following:
- Lack of vision
- Lack of tenacity
- Fear

The truth is that you can do anything you want to. Stop telling yourself excuses! Go to battle against a lack of vision! Pick yourself up and get tenacious! Look fear in the face and stand up to it! Your whole life depends on it, my friend!

The choice is yours. Will you continue to limp along in life because you don't have the courage to run for your dream? Will you continue to allow the fear of poverty keep you from pursuing the riches, both materially and emotionally, that lay within the vision you have of what your life could be?

You CAN live the life you have always dreamed of. All you want is within your reach. But to pick it up, you must first empty your hands of what they already hold. Then you must reach for it, take a hold of it, and possess it!

-- Chris Widener


The above was taken from one of motivational speaker, Chris Widener's speech.
Not that i am one of those people whom will subscribe or enjoy listening to motivational talks given by all these speakers in seminars, workshops or even via DVDs, but somehow this particular subject matter strikes my attention and again act as an alarm for me to start acting on something.

"We can have any life that we choose"
It is about doing the thing that one really want in life.
Just to divert from the original subject, i believe this philosophy would work well if it were to be implied into all younger generations mind starting from the tender age of 13. This vital period of growing into young adult should be made useful in educating the need of making decision and choosing their path in life. They should also be made known of any consequences of their actions and inactions.

Expecting and being educate on what life may offer them will, in my opinion saves them from being ridiculed and moulding them to be a tougher person at facing all sort of challenges in life. What most parents are doing right now is making sure the grades would never be low and that's that. What about the perspective in life, because having good grades doesn't secure better life although it can (perhaps) secure better level in management in a company. Younger generations should already be made known of what they want to do in their life.

They should be given an example on all sort of things so for them to understand the challenges they will be facing as an adult later in life.

Okay, coming back to the original topic, since i am one of the example of a person that were given the chance to select the course that i want to pick up after completing my secondary level by my parents (unlike some of my peers whom are made to choose or better said 'dictated' by their parents) i selected art -- as it is what i love most at that time.

Knowingly that it would only satisfy my interest, and having succeeded getting a place in one of the best Art&Design institute (at that time), i know I'm in it for the sake of art and the 'artistic' part of me.... rather than thinking of what i really want to be when I'm an adult, so to say.

Getting back to the subject of 'you can have any life that you choose' -- there are two things that i really want to pursue in my life, which, one of them i had already taken the effort seven years ago although not completed yet, and one more still awaiting opportunity (actually opportunity is just as an excuse.....i have it, but there are two hindrance at the moment...again, an excuse ...*wink wink* sigh!).

Yeah... so, basically calculating and minusing this and that...i had wasted five years of my life on starting my second most desired thing to do......

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