Sunday, 5 July 2009

Sex, sex and more sex...

Elderly man dies during sex

KUANTAN: A 78-year-old businessman died of a heart attack while allegedly in the midst of foreplay with a transvestite on Sunday.

Harun Mohd Salleh of Kubang Buaya here, was in the 31-year-old transvestite's room in Jalan Sultan Ismail about 5.40pm when he died.

The transvestite claimed Harun was caressing him when he had the heart attack.

Deputy district police chief Superintendent Zulkifli Taha said police had classified the case as sudden death. -- NST

***********************************************, sex, and more sex...with the opposite sex, same sex, or altered guys just name it...everything is on the platter for you to choose.

Nevermind that. You can be 78 or 98, as long as you keep up a good health and do it nice and easy, plus reduce on the excitement level, sure your family won't have to received news about how you dying while humping or being humped or at whatever position you're at....before you die.

Just another David Carradine case.....

My advice is just one; do it like crazy when you're young and healthy!!....hahahahahaha....
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