Wednesday, 22 July 2009

To drink or not to drink

Model sentenced to whipping and fine for drinking beer

KUANTAN: The Syariah High Court here sentenced a model to a RM5,000 fine and six whippings after she pleaded guilty to consuming an alcoholic drink in public last year.

In his judgement on Monday, Syariah judge Datuk Abdul Rahman Yunus said that if Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarnor, 32, from Sungai Siput, Perak failed to pay the fine, she would be imprisoned for three years.

Kartini was accused of consuming a beer at Cherating Bay Lounge, the Legend Hotel in Cherating at about 11.40pm on July 11 last year.

She was charged under Section 136 of the Pahang Administration of the Islam Law and Malay Custom Enactment.

The accused, who cried when the judgement was delivered, said she would file an appeal through her counsel, Mohd Zuki Che Mat Ghani.

Syariah deputy public prosecutor Saiful Idham Sahimi appeared for the prosecution.
- Bernama

Hmmmmm....why do i feel utter remorse reading this article....
It is not because i pity the girl who was caught drinking -- you dare to do it, you must also dare to face the consequences.

I felt disgusted with the government of Malaysia and its Islamic bodies in particular, actually.
They (the government) claimed the country to be an Islamic country and if i am not wrong, is also one of the OIC member. But WTF are they trying to do all this while....i can't grasp.

They are the one who encouraged people to drink by giving more and more liquor licence although the license (officially) only applicable to the non-Muslims.
But being the Boleh-land (All can do land) any tom dick and harry can apply the license, whatmore if one willing to pay some big chunk of money during some golfing trips to nearby Thailand golf course.

Why do they only reprimand the poor girl alone.

Don't they have eyes to see and ears to hear that along the beach of Cherating some of the Muslim seafood shop operators also selling beers to their clients be it local people or foreign vacationers.

Why do the government still want to keep the title Muslim country when alongside Jalan Pinang and surrounding areas where the pubs were infested with Filipinos prostitutes (although when police checked being carried out once in a while -- they claimed they are mere tourist).

You will see ONLY Europeans and Western men crowds hanging around this particular place weekdays and weekends nights.

Doesn't this scenario are the likes of Phuket or Bangkok where prostitution are the main attraction of that place and perhaps and income to the country. But Thailand is not a Muslim country and Islam is not their official religion.

Why apprehend the Muslim when they drink while you (the government) are encouraging it openly.

Why allow them (the Muslim ladies) to wear revealing outfit in the public when drinking were made a big hoohaas.

Why allow prostitution at the back alley near Chow Kit area, nearby BB Plaza and KL Plaza roaming the place freely and no such authorities taking them to custody?

Why not ambush Jalan Telawi Bangsar where Muslim man and woman drinking and having fun freely and openly?

Why Cherating?

Is it because someone tipped you lazy Islamic so-called authorities to busting the girl?
Is it because the girl is attractive and some Malays MCPs got pissed off after being made unnoticed by her, thus incite resentment and lodge a report? (they are kampung folks anyway...)

My verdict:

1. Malaysia, you should just stripped yourself the tag "Islamic country"
2. Islamic bodies / authorities stop your hypocrisies.
3. Any Muslims who wanna drink in public whatnots -- Do it freely. It's between you and your God and your faith. Best thing is -- drink in Bangsar, Hartamas or Damansara area. You'll be rest assured these hypocrites wont bust your ass!

Go get a life folks!
Damn you hypocrites!!

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