Monday, 6 July 2009

Evil Maid

This is one of more videos I have seen in regards to maid abusing little children at home while parents were out for work. Undoubtedly it made me very very furious watching it happening again and again. This is also one of the reason why some parents or individual resorted to 'abusing back' the maids concerns.

Child abusing maids and maids being abused had been a sort of known dilemma among the mass majority especially working parents in countries such as Malaysia and Singapore. Majority of such cases were reported in Malaysia.

And maids concerned will definitely originated from Indonesia.

We have never heard of maids from countries such as Philippine or Sri Lanka being abuse or abusing children at home.

In my personal opinion, those maids from Indonesia are of the useless block. They are those without any working experience before or had never been out of their little remote poor village.
They are of those without proper training as maid and usually hails from parts of Indonesia such as Madura and Jawa. But those originated from parts of Jawa usually are better off lots and generally will be properly trained to be sent to countries that pays well such as the Gulf countries, Taiwan or perhaps the nearest Singapore.

The ones that were sent to Malaysia are those which I can describe as the lowest of the lowest. And the worse of the worst.

Although i had been privileged and never need to hire live-in maid except for weekends cleaners, I have family members and friends telling stories about their maids behaviour and of their friends and so on and so forth.

Concentrating on Indonesian maids. Because these people are the majority in Asian countries, these maids usually can't understand simple instruction or behave dumb. They will be older or younger than their actual age in order to be accepted by employers. They will be too stupid and dumb to do anything at all or again behave as stupid and dumb.
This is also one of the reason why some employers, especially the Chinese (through observing and news) got very agitated with their attitude. Nevertheless, when it comes to the Malay employers these useless lots will take advantage of the 'serumpun' or originated from the same background (the Malay archipelago).

I can swear that I heard less stories of good, well-behaved maids. It is to the point of unheard of sometimes. Perhaps you can find a good one lets say, 1 in 5000 Indonesian maids....i think. The word for this is -- " luck"!

But the problem with some or majority working couples with children are; they want to pay less for the maid, but maximising the payout.

Paying for maids from other countries such as the Philippine would be more than paying their counterpart from Indonesia. Employers are required to give Sundays off day -- major problems to 'kiasu' ('i-want-it-all' personality) and cheapskate employers. Some employers especially the Muslims are afraid of unwanted encounters such as free sex (while they were out Sundays) and booze including loads of other thing too long winded to mention one by one.

On the other hand, sending kids to day care would not be economical to the family's budget because per child below 7 years of age, parent need to fork out somewhere around rm250-rm300 and it will be more for infant. Imagine if the family has more than two kids. Added on with living in big towns such as Kuala Lumpur for instance, parents need to pick up the children by max 7pm. And the traffic of rush hours in Klang Valley -- it's absurd!

So, what's left for parents?

Are parents nowadays depending too much on third party help?

Definitely, it's a give and take situation. With high cost of living in areas such as Klang Valley and Johore Baharu, sole bread-winner for the family would not be enough to cater to all the basic needs. Thus both mother and father will have to work to balance the monthly book.

The problems with some people is they are afraid to pay more in order to get better service from the maids. They want to gain and maximise the average rm450 monthly. Again, lets be fair too....these maids, no matter how dumb and stupid they are -- these are human we're dealing with. They need some rest too. It ain't easy to become 24/7 robot for household chores and attending to creepy annoying kids.

Solutions is :

1. Pay more for better service and get maid from good reputable agency.

2. Ditch or ignore the mushrooming individual agent with contact bringing in maids from Indonesia. You would' know those cheap maid you hired might be a serial killer or a lunatic.

3. Since it is known among the Malays and perhaps some other race in Malaysia; Indonesian maids would always have some sort of 'charm' which they brought along with them for 'protection' (it seems) but I reckon it is more of a charm for ' kowtowing' the employers -- we just need to be more than 100 % careful with these people.

It is NEVER safe having a stranger living under same roof.

I wouldn't and again, I am privileged not having to have my kids being beaten and kicked casually by these evil maids, my rooms and house being snooped, my items being stolen, my kids being the sexual toy (yup....there's such cases too), my husband being seduced (yup, it happened to more than two person that i know) and having to talk and instruct stupid ladies......i hate them..God knows.

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