Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Missing Green.

I'm not missing any Mr or Ms Green mind you. But I'm missing the greens of my country. The green mountains, the green fields, the green housing estates and the green reserved forests just outside the city centre, Kuala Lumpur, which i will drive to on some weekends for a short retreat savouring the flora and fauna besides dipping in the nice cool streams and water falls.

I guess my missing the green must be because the summer time is here. Fighting with the heat which at times can get as high as 49degree Celsius, battling to clean the dusty and 'sandy' house and surrounding area due to the winds, and obviously, the limited time spend out of enclosed area.

Although Qatar is budding and expanding to become the next Dubai (maybe), i find the effort in greening the area is much slacking. Although they do have mangrove and scarce forests around it's shores, I seriously think that they can do better than what there is now. The largest mangrove (not green but grey) can be found around Al Thakira and Al Khor but others came from plantings by the government.

I am sure if special programmes to be undertaken by the government, Qatar will be greener than it is now. I have read about some trees that is insusceptible to the harsh heat like Qatar being planted in order to halt the spread of desert in countries from Somalia to Mauritania and also a type of tree that have been planted in the Arafat desert in Saudi Arabia to provide shade to pilgrims during the Haj and i don't think why it cannot be done here too except for the only setback -- major water piping system which needed to be carried out for sprinkling.

Go green!
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