Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Facebook part II

Hmmmm.....i am beginning to have some sort of disgruntlement and annoyance about this facebook thingy.

One, i am beginning to find that some people are just trying hard to show off their material and immaterial possessions. Well, i know that people are free to express whatnots but when it comes to displaying too much and too many -- i don't think it is about sharing anymore. It has become more of at platform to show -off who they are and what they have.

Second, i am agitated when i notice that i have been sending flowers, bears and whatnots request and got to know about it when i read that this fella and that fella received my whatnots request! WHICH i didn't send AT ALL!!
And most annoying thing about it was, the request(s) were sent to those that isn't that close to me, although we had been an acquaintance or just as on a hi -bye basis ....or something like that.
Of course, i can't say much about it except to delete the applications of those unwanted request of sending this and that, and of course i know when we received any sort of request from our friends, we have to agree to the terms and conditions stipulated and they (the applications developer) CAN ACESSS to our profile and WHATNOTs...again.

So....., basically, I'm about 30% right now that i am going to terminate my subscription to that most IN thing social networking platform in the world right now,
40 % be inactive and slowly be 'estranged' from it, but still the other 30% needing it as it easily connects me to those i want to be connected with...(unlike some who just be friends to people who are not their's a joke).

Yeah, i might be the sort of people who don't understand and find it very silly of those people that enter chat rooms to chat with people whom they don't even know. And I am not against any networking platform, but i feel when it enters too deep into one's privacy,....-- i will take the next step to close that opened door. Either by deleting the whole things or just be inactive.

And, of course one more irritating thing which i can easily managed by the accounts privacy; kicking out and report abuse of any tom, dick and harry especially from this side of the world aka the network that I'm in right now. Gosh, you just would not expect that there are so many cheap skates man around here, especially from the African continent! Duhhhh.......
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