Wednesday, 15 July 2009

European Union Lifts Ban on Indonesian Airlines

European Union Lifts Ban on Indonesian Airlines

JAKARTA — The European Union has lifted a two-year ban on Indonesian airlines’
entering its airspace, setting the stage for Garuda, the state carrier, to
expand its operations worldwide.

The E.U. barred all 51 Indonesian
airlines from landing on its runways in 2007, citing lax safety standards. The
order also required travel agents in Europe to inform customers planning to
travel in Indonesia of the country’s poor safety record......


Hmmmm...what a pity, when handling with human lives were taken very lightly by some quarters. Hopefully their authorities would takes things at a very serious stage with this lifting, unless they won't mind being one of the worst aircraft in the airline industry.

My verdict of all this ?
Lack of pride in what they are doing and corruptions.
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